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Your life is about to get a whole lot easier 

And your sales conversion is about to get a whole lot higher


Team Sales IQ

Auto scoring 130 sales skills  

  • One-click and you will know exactly how your team is performing on over 130 skills

  • Track any sales methodology: Challenger, MEDDICC, Meddpicc triggers, SPICED....

  • One simple, easy to read summary

  • Add your own scorecard or use ours

Sales IQ Sales Rep Summary

Auto scoring 130 sales skills

  • Your 1:1 coaching prep is done for you with one click

  • Know exactly how each rep is doing on their calls across over 130 skills

  • Sales rep skill certification is completely automated

  • Add any skills in there that you want to score

Auto-generated Highlight Reels

Tired of having an empty highlight reel folder in your Gong instance?

  • ReplayzIQ autos-snippets highlights for you

  • Your reps will love ReplayzIQ 

  • Sales reps just sign in and learn from the auto-generated highlight reels

You will forget what life used to be like when you had to review calls yourself

Some other really cool features...

Stack Rank

Discover how the TeamIQ's Stack Rank Feature offers a comprehensive overview, enabling sales leaders to effortlessly view their team's average sales skills and individual performance rankings in one streamlined display.

Prospect Sentiment

Explore how TeamIQ's Customer Sentiment Feature provides a detailed analysis of prospect traits, engagement levels, and lead warmth, empowering sales managers with deeper insights into customer characteristics.

Summary by Sales Stage (Spider Chart)

Uncover the power of TeamIQ's - Spider Chart Feature, where distinct skill categories come alive, transforming complex data into a simple, yet insightful radar chart for immediate performance insights.

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