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The Future of Call Intelligence is Almost Here

Launching Early 2023

Launching Early 2023 • Coming Soon

Replayz IQ's software uses Data Science to analyze Call Scoring Results to predict what skills matter the most for YOUR company when it comes to increasing your average deal size, speeding up your sales cycle and increasing your average order size.

The results will astonish you:

Quicker Sales Stage Progression

Higher Win Rates

Larger Deals (ACV/AOV)

Use Replayz IQ to:

  • Suggest and build a custom scorecard that’s right for your Sales/CS motion

  • Measure & track sales skill improvement

  • Predict what skills matter the most for YOUR company

  • Intelligently train your team

  • Conduct attribute testing that tests fit for role

Adam Fremes, CRO @ Procurify

"ReplayzIQ has been essential for us to scale our sales team. As an incoming revenue leader, it's provided clear, easy-to-use, actionable insights where we should be investing for our gtm teams. Highly recommend."

Pre-seed Investors


($650K of $1.5M already raised)

Currently in CDL Program

Business Development Bank of Canada
Tiny Rolling Fund
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Input Logic
Parm Uppal
Andrew Wilkinson
Sam Jacobs
Michael Pollack

A Platform for Modern Day Revenue Teams

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