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The Future of Call Intelligence is Almost Here

Launching October 2023

Automatic Call Scoring
Changes the Game!

Call Scoring Score Card for Account Executives, BDR's, SDR's and Sales Reps.
Replayz Sales Call Coaching Scorecard . Call Scoring for Account Executives, BDR's SDR's & Sales Reps. Sales Enablement Plan

Launching Oct 2023 • Coming Soon


  • Automatically scores your team's recorded sales calls

  • Measures & tracks sales skill improvement

  • Tells you exactly why you win deals

  • Measures Customer/Prospect Sentiment

  • Predicts whether your deal will progress–just based on the sales conversation (coming soon)

The results will astonish you:

Quicker Sales Stage Progression

Higher Win Rates

Larger Deals (ACV/AOV)

Sphere on Spiral Stairs
"I believe Replayz is creating the next great sales transformation"

Mark Kosoglow, CRO, Catalyst

"Our sales team’s win-rate improved by over 10% thanks to ReplayzIQ"

Kyle Norton, SVP Sales,

"Very powerful...a game-changer for Sales Leaders and Rev Ops Leaders!"

Rosalyn Santa Elena, Founder, The RevOps Collective

What ReplayzIQ Solves For Sales Leaders


No more guilt about not having time to review a ton of sales calls per week. ReplayzIQ does it for you.


You will now have the confidence that you are call coaching on precisely the most important skills.


ReplayzIQ does your 1:1 prep for you. Highlight reels are auto-selected to show great examples of where to improve.


Did you just roll out a new sales process? Challenger, Sandler MEDDPICC etc? No Prob, ReplayzIQ tracks improvement!


Your sales reps will feel super supported. ReplayzIQ customizes the playbook for each A/E and SDR/BDR.

Sam Jacobs, Founder & CEO @ Pavilion

"Their new ReplayzIQ platform fulfills a critical need!"

A Platform for Modern Day Revenue Teams

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